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Clark, who booked his place in the elite field at Kapalua with his victory at last year's Canadian Open, thoroughly enjoyed playing on his own, though he became increasingly fatigued on the Plantation Course's hilly back nine.

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"Current smokers were more likely to have anxiety after a heart attack than never smokers or people who had quit smoking more than two years ago. We did not find any association between smoking and depression after a heart attack," Prof Serpytis noted.

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It later emerged the brothers had released a hostage and that another man had survived the incident by hiding in the building's cafeteria, unknown to the attackers, apparently communicating intelligence to police by text message.

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After successfully confirming the existence of the Higgs boson in 2012, teams running Cern's four main experiments still have "unfinished business with the Universe", according to Prof Tara Shears from the University of Liverpool.

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“It’s really shameful that Obama, or even Biden, didn’t go to France,” said Tim Green, 43, who attended a vigil at the Lincoln Square Synagogue on the Upper West Side on Sunday night. “It was a major terrorist attack. We know what that feels like. I hope the French know the American people stand with them, even if our President didn’t show it.”

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"But Jonathan and Sian and I have spoken to people about the film in London and Toronto and in America. Audiences like the struggle and the sense of community at the heart of the story. They don't see what happened as a defeat."

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The court rejected an appeal filed by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and the Alliance for Natural Health USA. The groups had challenged various aspects of the law known as Obamacare including the so-called individual mandate that requires people to obtain health insurance or pay a tax.

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Russell Wilson threw three touchdown passes and Kam Chancellor returned an interception 90 yards for a touchdown. Wilson hit Doug Baldwin for a 16-yard TD, found Jermaine Kearse on a 63-yard score, and capped the night with a 25-yard TD pass to Luke Willson early in the fourth quarter.

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They both got a big, fat taste of it on Sunday afternoon when what looked like a sure victory was snatched from their hands after a critical fourth-down, fourth-quarter catch by Dez Bryant was overturned on replay.

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Islamic State has attracted followers internationally who support its hard-line Islamist message. One of the men who carried out the deadly attacks in Paris last week had declared his allegiance to Islamic State.

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Khorasan is an old name for Afghanistan, and is a word that carried mythical overtones for some Muslims after an ancient prophecy that black flags would once again fly in Khorasan before the end of the world.

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The women featured in the ad, directed by Cannes winning Kim Gehri, issue personal mantras such as “Damn Right I Look Hot” and “I Kick Balls, Deal With It” backed by Missy Elliot’s ”Get Your Freak On’.

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The New York-based company said it expects strong demand inits aerospace business in 2015 thanks to a robust market forlarge commercial aircraft. Alcoa also forecast solid demand inthe automotive sector this year.

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It is not yet clear whether the gap in altitude data below22-24,000 feet originated in the A320's systems or problems intransmission, underlining the importance of recovering completeevidence from the data recorder.

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A new report using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that guns may kill more young Americans than car accidents in 2015. Car accidents are currently the top killer of young people in America.

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Fring's workforce in Israel has tripled to about 50employees and Genband says it has signed a contract with China'sSnail Games to allow its 100 million subscribers to connectwithin online games. The deal is worth tens of millions ofdollars, an industry source said.

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"I started playing guitar and wrote my first song, and it felt like the first thing that had ever come naturally to me," she recalled. "It was something I didn’t have to work really hard at, whereas I had to work hard at everything else I had done. I think it’s maybe something you’re either born with, or you’re not."

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“We are the ones who asked, rightly so, for troops to support us in Afghanistan, troops to support us against ISIS. We are looking for cooperation from around the world; symbolically we should have had someone there who is instantly recognizable,” Rep. Pete King (R-L.I.) said, “so when people around the world see these photos, they recognize the face and say that’s the United States of America.”

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The three days of terror began Wednesday when a pair of masked gunmen stormed the newsroom of the satirical newspaper, killing 12 people. Al-Qaida's branch in Yemen said it directed the attack to avenge the honor of the Prophet Muhammad, a frequent target of the weekly's satire. On Thursday, a separate gunman killed a policewoman on the outskirts of Paris and on Friday, the attackers converged.

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According to FoE data, the monitoring sites in Scotland where nitrogen dioxide levels appear to be worsening are: Edinburgh’s St John’s Road (increase of 3 microgrammes per cubic metre), Edinburgh’s Queensferry Road (increase of 1), Dundee’s Whitehall Street (increase of 2ugm3), Falkirk’s West Bridge Street (increase of 3ugm3), Rutherglen’s Main Street (increase of 4 ugm3).

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Earlier in 2015, in March to be exact, Nasa's Dawn spacecraft will turn up at another mysterious world called Ceres, which is the largest object in the asteroid belt - the collection of rocks that lies between Mars and Jupiter. Unlike the other irregular-looking objects in this belt, Ceres is so big it has taken on a near-spherical shape.

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St. Louis added: “Chemistry is being able to predict what your teammate is going to do next. If you can anticipate where he’s going to be, that translates into shots, offseason zone time and scoring chances.”

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Comedy drama Birdman had led nominations going into the ceremony with seven nods. The film collected two awards - one for Michael Keaton as best actor in a comedy or musical and one for best screenplay.