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"The threats remain and we have to protect ourselves from them. It is an internal operation that will mobilize almost as many men as we have in our overseas operations," Le Drian told reporters after a cabinet meeting.

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S&P 500 earnings are forecast to have risen 4 percent in the fourth quarter, according to Thomson Reuters data, sharply under the 11.1 percent growth rate forecast on Oct. 1. Energy profits are seen dropping by more than 20 percent.

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Tennessee is among about 18 states now showing gas below $2 a gallon. While California and Hawaii aren't close to dipping below $2 a gallon, drivers in those states are also seeing sharp price breaks. For example, in Honolulu the price is down now to about $3.25, where a gallon once was far above $4

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The day Chris returned to work at the cable network, he produced a loving tribute to his dad with home videos, saying, “Most important about my father ... the spirit of his message endures in us. What really matters has certainly been passed on to me, my siblings and our kids, and that was pop’s love. ... His unique sense of humor, how to be.

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Chocolate makers across the world are struggling in part due to Ebola. This fall, the Ivory Coast, which is the world's largest producer of cacao, shut its borders with Liberia and Guinea as the harvest season began, barring many workers from the fields.

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Dollar Tree, which had 5,282 stores in the United States andCanada as of Nov. 1, said it would likely sign an agreement withthe U.S. Federal Trade Commission by the end of the month on thenumber of stores it would have to give up.

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“The better the team plays, the more he is involved in the game,” said Wenger, the Arsenal manager. “We had a very offensive team today and Sanchez is confident. We can be direct with him; you can run at people a bit more, so there is a good combination offensively. You can move the ball well when you have so many technical players on the pitch. It is an advantage for us.”

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The idea was dreamed up by the Reverend Chris Spittle, vicar of St Paul's Church in the Lancashire town, who said: "It's a fun way to make a difference and tackle a really serious global issue."

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Oi said in an emailed statement that it supported thedecision to delay a vote on the deal with telecom group AlticeSA in order to provide more information requested byPortuguese securities regulator CMVM.

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She's fully aware of the downsides of unfriending people with alternative viewpoints, namely narrowing the conversation and removing the chance for them to be influenced by more moderate views. But for her, the personal connection wasn't there to justify angsting over.

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Education Secretary Arne Duncan called for a massive congressional overhaul of George W. Bush's No Child Left Behind Act on Monday. He cited changes like improving preschool education access, streamlining standardize testing, and providing teachers and principles with more resources.

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Prince Muqrin, 69, who has served as head of Saudi intelligence and in other senior positions, was installed last year by Abdullah into the newly created post of deputy crown prince, making him second-in-line to the throne. But any new king has the right to choose his own crown prince. If Muqrin is passed over by Salman, that could set off a succession battle within the House of Saud at a time of regional crisis and instability in the global oil markets.

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The Dow Jones industrial average fell 96.53 points,or 0.54 percent, to 17,640.84, the S&P 500 lost 16.55points, or 0.81 percent, to 2,028.26 and the Nasdaq Composite dropped 39.36 points, or 0.84 percent, to 4,664.71.