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"The essence of the conspiracy that you are complainingabout ... are actions that come within the jurisdiction of thecommission," Justice Antonin Scalia told Jeffrey Fisher, thelawyer representing the plaintiffs.
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I can think of no other woman on the planet in her late 50's (Madonna is 56) that could better expose and dismantle our messed-up ideas about women and aging. We need a revolution that is radical in spirit, but popular in its appeal. We need a leader who has both the attention of the world and doesn't give a you-know-what. Madonna is our best shot.
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Rigby says she can't think of anything similar being done by a UK company before Timpson. The firm says there is no time limit on the free dry cleaning offer or any restriction on the number of times an unemployed person can use the service.
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That rather alarming price tag, so casually advertised, seems in keeping with the Brooklyn that was recently named the least affordable housing market in the country. A median priced home here is now $615,000.
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Mr Shi was forced to defend himself, insisting that his jacket was bought abroad by his daughter and that in rushing to the scene of the disaster he hadn't had time to change and was now ashamed of his carelessness and the damage he'd done to the party's image.
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1. She is best known for her starring role as Majo Tenorio in the 2012 musical drama "Filly Brown," which she co-starred alongside the late Mexican singer, Jenni Rivera, shortly before her untimely and tragic death in a plane crash. Rodriguez won an Imagen Award for her part in the film.
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"Once you have built a robot that can pick up your soda pop, hit you over the head or high-five you, it's much more engaging that coding at a computer screen, and it will create future visionaries."
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The chain, which employs 6,800 staff across 18 UK stores, said like-for-like sales jumped 11.1% in the 16 weeks to the end of December, boosted by revenues from its bedroom, bathroom and kitchen departments.
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To that end Netflix also announced at CES that it will begin a new programme to identify TVs with the best Netflix experience - from picture quality to the Netflix app - and give them an official 'Netflix Recommended' label to put on the box, and in stores.
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Taking advantage of growing consumer fears about identity theft and data breaches in the wake of the high-profile Sony hack, President Barack Obama on Monday rolled out a slew of cybersecurity and privacy initiatives, previewing proposals he’ll make in his Jan. 20 State of the Union address.
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Investigators searched Lee's car and apartment late Saturday night, Moscow Police Chief David Duke said. They found two semi-automatic pistols, a revolver, a shotgun and a rifle in the vehicle, along with a laptop, he said. Ballistics tests were expected to help determine which weapons might have been used in the shootings.
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The Canadian dollar, meanwhile, hit a fresh 5-1/2 year lowagainst the greenback as oil prices continued to weaken, pushingthe currency towards a key psychological support level at C$1.20to the U.S. dollar.
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A psychiatrist in Peshawar, Dr. Iftikhar Hussain, said troubled parents have been calling to ask how they should discuss the attack with their children and how to respond when their kids have questions about the violence: “It’s a time of great depression and tension for all parents,” he said.