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A drug that's normally used to curb an overactive bladder could help unleash even more metabolic power than what brown fat is capable of under normal circumstances, says a research team hailing primarily from Boston.
What’s got Microsoft so miffed is that Google released the information just two days before the Windows maker planned to release a fix during the company’s usual “patch Tuesday” on January 13, 2015. What’s more, Microsoft claims it was in touch with Google and that the search giant was well aware of Microsoft’s timeline.
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Kouachi was detained from May to October 2010 on suspicion of being part of a group that tried to help Smain Ali Belkacem, author of a 1995 attack on the Paris transport system that killed eight people and wounded 120, to break out of prison.
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Previously, the largest penalty ever levied against a stockexchange was $10 million on Nasdaq OMX Group Inc in May2013 to settle civil charges stemming from mistakes made duringFacebook Inc's initial public offering in 2012.
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Miami-based Norwegian Cruise operates 21 ships in routesspanning North America, the Mediterranean, the Baltic, CentralAmerica and the Caribbean. (Reporting by Amrutha Gayathri in Bengaluru; Editing by MajuSamuel)
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"It is a monumental tragedy. It has saddened all of Nigeria. But... we seem to be helpless. Because if we could stop Boko Haram, we would have done it right away. But they continue to attack, and kill and capture territories... with such impunity," he said.
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"From the outset, we've accepted responsibility for the two deeply regrettable operational spills in Bodo," its managing director Mutiu Sunmonu said. Shell says that both spills were caused by operational failure of the pipelines.
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Psychologists, therapists and social workers launched Monday what is planned to be a week-long protest. By Friday, 2,600 are expected to walk the picket line outside of 35 Kaiser Permanente-owned hospitals and offices in California. The action is organized by leaders of the National Union of Healthcare Workers, which has been battling Kaiser in contract negotiations on behalf of the mental healthcare professionals for four years.